Affirmations for Self Esteem

Self esteem is the most important factor for a happy life. Self esteem will help you to achieve more in your life. Even in everyday life you instantly recognize a person of great self esteem. Other people are atracted to him and they listen to every word he says. As a child if we are growing up with a positive and a healthy enviroment we believe world is happy place full of opportunities for eveyone. The more hear this the more confident we are walking on the streets. You can also achieve self esteem through completing tasks and achivieng deadlines for projects. We are always experiencing affirmations for our self esteem.

But if you suffer from low self esteem, it is because you have a negative self talk and believe the world is cruel place full of pain and rejection. And what your belief are, so your life is. So we have to reprogram our belief, it doesn’t change over night but it takes time to repgram all the year of negavite talk and belief. People are experiencing a shift change in their life in just a few week of practicing self affirmations. You might heard of it before and probably thought that something so simple cannot help you.

Affirmations for self esteem

I challenge to practice self affirmation for the next four weeks, every morning and before going to bed. Be aware in any change in your attitude towards others.
And don’t say you will do it, and later on forget about it. Actually be serious because you life will depend on it. Here are some of my favourite affirmation I speak to myself everyday.

I love myself
I believe today something wonderful is going to happen to me
I am capable of achieving my goal
I know I deserve career success, and others will see that too.
I am a confident, attractive person, and people admire me.
I am strong and capable

I can overcome any obstacle.
I know I can succeed and build a life of abundance.
I love and respect myself and other love and respect me as well

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