Work Motivation? Where is it? We Have You Covered

The road to success require a lot of hard work and sacrifice. We all know the stories of people who worked like machines to achieve great success. You might think that these people are born with a tremendous amount of discipline to work through discomfort but they are the same as you and me. They also procrastinate, battle depression and have troubles finding motivation for work. However, when hit a wall of lack of motivation, they use techniques to work through discomfort. Today you will learn some tips on how to find more work motivation.


  1. Find the meaning in the work.

Before working on anything, ask yourself why are doing this. What is the purpose of the work you are doing? If you do not find a meaning behind your job, you will not have the purpose of the work. So next time you are having troubles writing an article or making a new video, and find yourself having problems with work motivation take a few moments to see why are doing this work and what is the aim of the completed job.

  1. Exercise

Working hard on paper makes you very sleepy and tired. One of the best ways to awaken your body is to move around. Working out for at least 30 min a day will keep your body in check. You cannot have a strong mind and a weak body, you need to have both. Take a note to stand from your chair every hour and stretch for 5 minutes. Not only it will wake you, it will also give a boost of motivation to continue working.


  1. Break down to chunks

How to eat an elephant? One piece at a time of course. Just thinking about writing an essay might feel intimidating, but if you break down to little manageable chunks, the task will be much easier to accomplish.  Start with the title, prologue, and table of contents. After a while when a little pieces come together you will have written an essay.

  1. Habits

After a while, you will understand that success does come from motivation but from habits of doing stuff, you are supposed to do. Motivation is connected to willpower, when we have plenty of willpower we find it easy to stay motivated. Nevertheless, willpower is limited source of energy, after a while if we persist through a task we do not find it a bit amusing, we cave in. Willpower helps us just to push out of our comfort zone, so we can perform better and work longer. So how to use willpower? If your goal is to run a marathon at the end of the year, start running for 5-10 minutes. After a few days, run for 20-30 minutes.  By the end of the year, you will be able to run the entire marathon without problems.

  1. Discomfort

Find it hard to start working or to continue? We have to embrace discomfort, when we want a change in our lives. Before we become accustomed to a new routine or a new habit, we experience a lot of discomfort. Any change scares us and as our defense instinct we are searching for excuses to discontinue and to return to our comfort zone.


  1. Pain / Pleasure for work motivation

One of the greatest motivation force in us, are the pain and pleasure elements. Some of us are more motivated by avoiding pain and some are more to acquiring pleasure. Are you more looking forward to the result, or are you more frighten if you fail. Some people use both in work motivation. Real change comes when the pain of staying the same is bigger than the pain of change.

These are just some of the techniques we are using in our everyday life to find more work motivation. I hope you have found these tips useful in anyway share it to your friends.

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