How to Reprogram your Life using Positive Thinking.

We hear many people saying you should be more positive. On the surface it sound like a good idea, we rather be positive than negative. We are hardwired to be negative to look for the dangers in the world, to protect our ego and ourselves. Many successful people are using positive thinking to help them push over their comfort zone.  However, does it have as much value as “work ethic” or “persistence”? You may not think but positive thinking has an immediate effect on our mind. Simply by switching from negative thought to positive is easy once you understand the power of positive thinking. Before we continue, I would like to add that sometimes bad things happens in our life. We have to accept them, and recognize what went wrong and set them into context.

Example: “Yes, I’m having a bad day, but tomorrow will be better. I will go home now and I will be able to think of a solution to the problem in the morning when I am less tired.
When you are trying to implement positive thinking in your life you will find, that you have many negative thoughts in your head.

Tips for positive thinking:

  • When talking use positive words, choose your words carefully. Even when talking to yourself, when you are using words as “I can’t”, you will eventually start believing that those words are the truths.
  • Direct your thoughts, this is similar as the first tip. What thought go through your mind, they will bring out emotions, they may be bad or good.
  • Believe you will succeed, if you are certain that you are success in your life, you will brace obstacles easier.
  • Visualize, start your day with a positive image in your mind. Ever heard people say that when they bought a certain type of car, they see that car everywhere. Same thing with your thought, if you see good things in your mind, it is certain you will see them in your day.


These are some exercise that research show they are very good at building positive thinking skills.

  • Mediate, People who meditate every day show more positive thinking than those who do not.
  • Write, writing down positive experiences. Just after three days, some people see themselves in better mood and better mental health. Try a diary.
  • Play, it’s important to make time for yourself to have fun.


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