Venus Factor- What Every Woman Needs to be in Shape and Keep Fit!

If you are a woman and are struggling with weight loss, here is a solution for you. Venus Factor refers to a weight loss program created especially for women who are at 18+ age bracket. The program is created by John Barban, a widely known weight-loss celebrity, nutritionist and a best seller writer. The whole program takes 12 weeks and the aim is to re-balance a hormone responsible for both appetite and weight gain.

The program entails the essential fat-loss diet guide, a 12-week-workout-program, a Virtual-Nutritionist- Software App, the Venus community, and Venus Index Podcast. The program is designed to allow one workout from home. This is why it is highly recommended for stay at home moms as most don’t prefer the gym. This allows one to workout whenever they want as well as experiencing some privacy that would otherwise be unavailable at the gym.

What is Venus Factor?

One would wonder why the Venus Factor is designed especially for women, and not just women but those with 18+ years. A simple explanation is that as women bodies age, the hormone responsible for appetite and weight gain get progressively out of balance which makes it hard for one to keep the shape and generally be fit. Your ability to control your appetite decreases, which means that you involuntarily gain weight because you end up eating too much.

The situation gets worse when one gets pregnant and actually start having kids. This is why it is common to see a woman with a good shape lose it abruptly after conceiving. It is also common to hear women say that they are eating too much because they are “carrying a life” while, in essence, they have just lost control of their appetite.

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How Does Venus Factor Works?

The program works by boosting the level of Leptin, a hormone that is responsible for burning fats and thus helping women lose weight. As women get older, their bodies naturally become resistant to Leptin, and especially after giving birth. The result is that they stop burning fat and it is stored instead, making them chubbier.

In reality, compared to men, women have twice as much Leptin but they have a strong resistance to the weight loss effect of the hormone and when fasting, the hormone’s level drops drastically. This makes it hard for women to lose weight than men and that is why this program is designed specifically for women.

The founder of the program, John, discovered this secret and come up with the Metabolic Override (MOR) which is a strategy that boosts the Leptin levels. This in turn makes women’s figure respond much better to it. You get to burn much fat quickly and thus getting in shape as soon as possible.


The main point in this program is to reverse the Leptin resistance for women. All this is possible with dietary changes combined with the 12-week exercise plan. This plan is aimed at retaining the women’s body metabolism which enables the body to naturally start burning the fat. This makes one lose weight, look fit and toned.

The plan involves consuming different calories on specific days. Observing how much calories you take for a day is made easier as the program comes with a Virtual Nutritionist Software Program, a program that calculates the balance of foods one should eat every day throughout the week. Therefore, you are sure to take the correct portion every day and you don’t have to crack your brain trying to get the right balance.


There are awesome advantages to using the Venus Factor. First is the fact that you do not have to change your lifestyle as its Leptin diet is created around your current lifestyle. You can easily change your diet, maybe to fit in, without any side effects. It’s just flexible! You don’t have to avoid social engagements or feel out of place because you can’t eat what others are eating. Second, as you progress with the program, the woman’s body gets better in metabolizing the consumed food.

You will be surprised to hear your Virtual Nutritionist tell you to take in more calories! This is an indication that your Leptin level has been boosted and the fat-burning is taking place as it should. Another advantage is that you gain membership in an online community that offers you motivation, support and help in answering any arising questions during the program.

Lastly, this program does not just leave you looking like you have lost weight, rather it leaves you well-toned and looking simply amazing! The key point is to tone up your “problem” areas and reveal your shapely body as the fat melts. Don’t struggle to get that shape, this is the solution for you and within 12 weeks, you will have heads turning.

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